The most cutting-edge diver training system available

SSI Digital Learning

The SSI digital dive training system is the most advanced and cutting edge system for doing the knowledge development sections of diver courses, available to divers today.

The system sets a whole new standard in diver learning and is one of the many reason's why Ocean Tribe offers SSI training courses as opposed to other diver training organisations. The digital multi-media platform makes learning engaging, fun and interactive and very importantly packages manuals and fees together for a single transparent package price.

Digital learning can be done on any device. If you have a laptop then it can be accessed online via the SSI online learning portal and completed online. For those of you who have Android and Apple iOS tablets and mobile devices you can download the Dive SSI App and then download the digital learning materials for the course you wish to do. One of the coolest and most useful features of this method of learning is that your manuals are constantly being updated so you always have access to the latest version from anywhere where you can log into your SSI digital learning account.

Gone are the days of being handed a tatty second-hand manual on loan for the dive course. We at Ocean Tribe believe that you should always have your own diving gear and this includes the manuals you learned with for future reference. And your manual can't go out of date as its always being updated. For those people who do lots of courses, there is no need to carry lots of heavy manuals and incur baggage charges. All your manuals will be on your tablet or in your online account. And accessible whenever you need them.

Just a few of the benefits and features of digital learning are:

  • Watch videos, read text, view animations and graphics all on one platform.
  • No more sitting for long periods in classrooms with your manuals and DVDs. Its all on your device accessible from wherever you want. This means you can get started on your dive course before you even join us at Ocean Tribe, meaning we can get straight into the in-water work.
  • You can add personal notes (either voice activated or typed manually) to parts of the manual you wish to discuss with your SSI Instructor.
  • If you want to review subjects you can bookmark them, so you can refer to them at a later point.
  • Interactive reviews at the end of every chapter accurately test what has been learned and retained.
  • The trial programs for Snorkelling, Try Diver and Scuba Diver are free so you can test the system before you decide whether to go digital or with a traditional print option if you prefer. We know which one we would recommend!

The environmental aspect is another great feature offered by the digital learning With our commitment to be an eco-friendly dive business, Ocean Tribe welcomes any initiative that enables less of a carbon footprint so fewer paper manuals is beneficial.

What is the Difference Between Standard and Diamond Upgrade in SSI Digital Materials?

When you register for your SSI scuba diving course you can choose between two different digital learning kits. The standard option allows you access only through the SSI Online learning portal on your web browser and requires online access. The Diamond Access option allows you to access the materials without an Internet connection through the Dive SSI app on your iOS or Android device. It additionally allows you two years of digital dive log access instead of one. While upgrading to Diamond is possible later on, you get a much more beneficial price if you choose Diamond Access immediately.

I Don't Have My Laptop or Tablet With Me. Can I still do the Course Via Digital Learning?

We recognise that most of you are on holiday and might not have brought a laptop or tablet with you. We still encourage you to do the digital learning for the benefits listed above and have a tablets available for use during the knowledge development section of the course. You can then access your digital materials when you return home via your online account and download them to your mobile device at a later date.

About The Dive SSI App

The Dive SSI App is an all in one tool for your diving adventures. While we still advocate the use of traditional log books, the app offers you the chance to access your training materials and a Digital DiveLog right on your device. You can view all of your digital SSI dive certification cards and have access to digital versions of the dive tables and even a hand signals guide. Download the Dive SSI app to your Apple or Android device today.

Benefits of the Dive SSI App

  • Show proof of your dive certification right from your smart device. Forgotten your diver card at home? Well you can show the digital version from your phone or laptop. As soon as you complete an SSI dive course the digital card is immediately available on your device.
  • The QR codes allow SSI Dive Centres and Dive Resorts to instantly access your information.
  • Access all of your SSI digital learning manuals in one place. Training materials are updated to the latest versions from SSI meaning they are never out of date!
  • Use the digital dive log to instantly track your location using the device GPS. Add photos of the dive site and your dive buddy. Upload your dives to diveSSI.com in your mySSI cloud. Upload your experience to Facebook to share with family and friends.

Download DiveSSI App Now

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