SSI Pro Dive Courses in Kenya

SSI Divemaster
SSI Dive Control Specialist
SSI Instructor Training Course
SSI Specialty Instructor Course
It's time to go pro. Become a pro scuba diver in Kenya on the SSI Divemaster Course, SSI Dive Control Specialist Course or the SSI Instructor Training Course. Already an Instructor? Then time to enroll on the SSI Specialty Instructor Course and work your way towards the SSI Dive Instructor ratings of SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor then SSI Divemaster Instructor

The SSI Divemaster course is the first professional diver level within the SSI System. It is reached by taking the SSI Dive Guide Program and SSI Science of Diving Specialty course as well as accumulating over 60 dives. SSI Divemasters find themselves running dive boats, leading dives, conducting experience programs and assisting SSI Instructors on courses.

The SSI Dive Control Specialist is the first level allowing SSI pros to teach programs. It is the first half of the SSI Instructor Training program conducted here at Ocean Tribe in Kenya.

The SSI dive Instructor Training Course in Kenya qualifies you to the level of SSI Open Water Instructor following successful completion of an Instructor Evaluation. This is the first Instructor level for SSI and the beginning of a long journey in passing on your love of scuba diving to others. Once qualified as an SSI Open Water Instructor, you are eligible to take part in SSI Specialty Instructor courses, adding to the range of what you can teach.

All SSI Professional courses taught at Ocean Tribe in Kenya can be included as part of a full internship package. The packages can include accommodation, dives, and even a full set of your own scuba diving equipment to teach. See the Package centre for our Go Pro Scuba Diving Internships from any level
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