Dive packages for all diver levels from beginner to instructor. Full career internship options available.
“If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?”

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Why Do Your Dive Career Internship With Ocean Tribe

The adventure and pro package internships that are offered by Ocean Tribe at the dive bases in Kenya, have been designed with those who are taking a break in life or redirecting their career in mind. Such people include those of you on a GAP year, extended holiday or career change or break. There are many reasons that you might want to come and do one of our packages but they all involve doing something worthwhile and some can be used for future careers.

The non professional dive packages are for those who have an active interest in scuba diving and want to become as qualified as possible without going pro. They focus on diving specialties and getting the most out of your interests in diving. These internships range from a couple of weeks to few months.

The go-pro dive packages and internships focus on developing aspiring scuba divers into SSI Divemasters and diving instructors. The internships include everything that you need to be trained as a competent experienced dive professional right down to the tools of the trade such as a new set of dive gear and introduction to web design and job seeking assistance. Ocean Tribe is a Diamond SSI Instructor Training Center where most of the dive professionals in this part of the world are trained and the largest dive group in the region. It is an awesome place to learn so check out the Go-Pro packages.

For those of you who are interested in diving but would like to combine it with another activity here in Kenya then a number of adventure internship bolt ons have been designed. These range from conservation internships such as Marine Environment Specialist to cross discipline internships such as the dive and sail internship.

Dive Packages for Beginners

Just starting diving but want to get a better deal or a new career? Check the offers below.

Dive Packages for Open Water Certified Divers

Are your already Open Water certified? Want to go further? Check the offers below.

Dive Packages for Advanced Certified Divers

Are your already Advanced certified? Want to go further? Check the offers below.

Dive Packages for Rescue Certified Divers

Are your already a Rescue Diver? Want to go further? Check the offers below.

Dive Packages for Divemasters

Are your already a Divemaster? Want to go further? Check the offers below.

Quick Info

  • Ocean Tribe is a successful SSI Diamond Instructor Training Centre with a proven record in dive instruction.
  • Only SSI Instructor Training in East Africa
  • Over 20 years of Instructor training experience
  • Fantastic dive location in Diani Beach, Kenya
  • NO Hidden Fees- SSI materials and fees are be included in all packages.
  • Option to include a Full set of NEW scuba diving equipment TO KEEP
  • Extra initiatives added to internship packages to make you more employable as dive professional such as DDI (Disabled Divers International) Instructor rating and SSI Specialty Instructor programs.
  • Website design workshop for Go-Pro graduates
  • Top teaching materials and facilities including use of diveSSI app for iPhone/iPad or Android devices to assist you with learning your dive theory and carrying all your SSI dive manuals
  • Job-seeking assistance program for all internship graduates plus an extensive internship alumni around the world.
  • Great internship locations offering access to East African coast and interior with options to do safaris, Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya climbs or a base to start an overland trip.

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Dive Courses Offered

Ocean Tribe believe that every diver should eventually have their own equipment so offer full dive equipment packages from top brands for very cheap prices, with every diving internship. Check out individual packages for details
When you dive with us we offer a variety of accommodation options from backpacker dorms to luxury beach hotels depending on your budget. We also have the intern house for those doing the full dive career internships with us.
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