Ocean Tribe Diani snorkel and adventure trips vary by season depending on the weather and the marine life you wish to see. For our scuba divers, the best time of the year to come would be between October and the end of April condition-wise.

The best time to see the giant filter feeders, whale sharks, and manta rays, is between October and March with the optimal time really being from late December through to February. Specific whale shark snorkeling and diving trips are offered in conjunction with a partner Whale Shark Adventures from October to March.

Dolphin-watching trips in Diani are available all year round, depending on the sea and weather conditions. As a counsel point, most activities do not take place in June and July due to the Kusi winds causing high waves, making it impractical to take the boats out.

Diani is famous for turtles to be found on many of Diani’s beautiful coral reefs and for those looking for a full day trip, we also can offer trips to Kisite National Marine Park for both snorkelers and divers.

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