What is Freediving?

If you assume freediving is similar to snorkeling (although at a much deeper level), you’re mistaken. Freediving is a completely new method to explore the underwater environment. You’ll go deeper, stay down longer, and feel like you’re a part of the ocean.

Freediving is a sport that can be competitive. Divers from all over the world spend years training to break world records in static apnea, dynamic apnea, free immersion, and constant weight freediving.

PADI Freediver

Reconnect With Nature

Freedivers integrate with the underwater environment silently. They have spectacular encounters with timid marine creatures and can hear all of the ocean’s sounds, including fish chewing on coral, the tide pulsing at the rocks, and even dolphin and whale cries!

Freediving is an excellent approach to reconnect with the sea while also exploring the ocean’s depths with minimal impact. Some people freedive for the challenge, but for many others, the underlying appeal of freediving is the silence and calm it gives to their otherwise chaotic lives.

PADI Freediving Pool

Do I Need a Freediving Course?

Despite the fact that freediving looks to be a simple sport, there is a lot to learn about safety and physiology. A non-trained freediver runs the risk of ear, sinus, and lung problems, as well as blackouts and drowning. An insured, competent freediving instructor can help you improve your skills while avoiding major dangers.

If you’ve done any freediving before, the new skills taught by PADI Freediving instructors can help you not only increase your depth and time underwater, but also improve your personal and buddy safety skills.

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What PADI Freediving Courses Can I Do?