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The Ocean Tribe Kids Scuba Diving Camp scheme will be launched this summer (July) to encourage under 18s to become scuba divers and the reef guardians of tomorrow. There will be beginners and advanced programs, which will include a dive course(s) and some fun dives to get dive experience.

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Why Should Under 18’s Participate in A Kids Scuba Diving Camp?

Scuba diving provides kids with the opportunity to learn life long certifications with friends and family in a safe, team environment. Our scuba diving mantra is that we provide an inclusive sport that allows boys and girls with varying sporting abilities, interests and passions to apply them to the underwater world. Given a small amount of patience, we are constantly astounded by the enthusiasm and personal development by our students on a weekly basis for all course levels.

Ocean Tribe’s philosophy is to ensure that our younger divers really comprehend the importance of the underwater world to the well-being of the planet. Every course has been designed to challenge divers to know the most up-to-date trends in marine conservation and dive physiology and how these in turn can have an effect on protecting endangered species and reef-dependent communities.

Life Enriching Benefits

  • Dive with friends – Scuba diving is a social activity that pupils can share with friends and build lasting friendships upon.
  • Dive with family – Scuba diving is an activity that can be shared by all family members.
  • Become part of a different type of sports team
Kids scuba diving
Junior Open Water Diver

Educational Benefits

  • Learning new skills that students can use for GCSE/A-level coursework- Pupils taking part in advanced courses and specialties can use their understanding of the underwater world to help them relate better to their curricular activities.
  • Diving into your GCSE/A-levels- Divers can use their underwater experiences for biology, physics, art & photography coursework and/or foundation years.
  • Scuba diving for Duke of Edinburgh- Completing the various levels of dive courses from Open Water to Divemaster, pupils can attain module completion in Bronze, Silver & Gold D of E levels as a skill or sport.
  • Curriculum Vitae, UCAS Personal Statement- School leavers completing advanced courses can showcase their experiences with us to help them seek further education and employment opportunities.
  • NVQ-level professional dive qualifications at school- Divers can complete PADI professional Divemaster Levels during their last year of school/GAP Year and assist with junior levels.
  • CAS for International Baccalaureate- Divers can earn towards the creative, action and service towards their IB through various diving projects
  • Volunteer & Enrichment Opportunities- divers can work with Ocean Tribe for charity events and voluntary work benefiting local communities.


What are the Different Kids Scuba Diving Camp Levels?

29th July-1st August –Open Water Diver Camp – PADI Open Water Course (or Jnr for 10-15 year olds) and 2 fun dives- Open to 10+
29th July-1st August- Advanced Open Water Diver Camp – PADI Advanced Open Water Course (or Jnr for 12-15 year olds) and 3 fun dives – Open to Open Water (Jnr too 12+) and above.
29th July- 1st August- Rescue Diver Camp– EFR CPR & First Aid Course, PADI Rescue Diver course (or Jnr for 12-15 year olds) and 2 fun dives – Open to Advanced Open Water (Jnr too) and above.
29th July- 1st August- Master Scuba Diver Boot Camp– PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Course, PADI Digital Underwater Photography Course, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course (Dry), PADI Search and Recovery Course and PADI Enriched Air Diver Course (Dry)- Open to Advanced Open Water (Jnr too) and above.

How Much Does it Cost?

Open Water Diver Camp – $685
Advanced Open Water Diver Camp – $599
Rescue Diver Camp– $685
Master Scuba Diver Boot Camp– $999

Is Accommodation Provided and Do The Kids have to Complete the Course in the Allotted Time?

We can arrange accommodation if needed, however appreciate that many families will be travelling as part of a holiday so it is not directly included.

There is not a requirement to complete the whole thing in the time given, the days can be split up if extra time is required but most prefer to do it alongside their contemporaries in an organised timeline.

How Do We Book?

Contact Ocean Tribe Via Email or WhatsApp and we can get kids and families booked in, as well as answer any queries you might have.


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