Dive Internships in Kenya

The Divemaster internships and instructor internships at Ocean Tribe are a great way for you to progress to the professional diver levels. Packing both experience dives, PADI courses, working in a busy dive centre with different customer levels and dive conditions, they provide a great grounding for you to set out on a dive career.

Who Can Do the Divemaster Internships or Instructor Packages?

The internships to PADI Divemaster and PADI Instructor levels are open to anyone over the age of 18. Groups who they might be of particular interest to include people on a GAP year, military resettlement and training, career breaks or career changes. Or even if you just want a great way to advance down the diving levels on an extended holiday.

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dive career internships in Kenya

What Level do I have to be to start a Divemaster Internship?

The divemaster internships and even the instructor internships can be started from any diver level. Yes even if you are a total beginner we have a package to suit you!

scuba diving internships in Kenya

What do the Dive Internships Include?

  • All core PADI Courses and Materials to PADI Divemaster or PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • Unlimited Diving during your internship period. Most interns leave with 100-150 dives
  • A full brand new set of Oceanic Dive Equipment to Teach
  • Extra specialty diver courses/ specialty instructor courses  to make you more rounded diver
dive internship equipment

What are the Dive Internship Pricing Options?

PADI Divemaster Internships

Beginner to Divemaster Internship
Open Water to Divemaster Internship
Advanced to Divemaster Internship
Rescue to Divemaster Internship

PADI Instructor Internships

beginner to instructor internship
open water to instructor internship
Advanced open water to instructor internship
rescue to instructor
Divemaster to instructor internship


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