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Successful August SSI Dive Instructor Course in Kenya

dive instructor course in kenya

Ocean Tribe would like to congratulate the successful candidates from the August 2017 SSI Dive Instructor Course in Kenya. Well done to Nicolas Yun from France, Kim Bassen from Kenya, and Lekha Mohan from India on successful completion of the SSI Instructor Training Course (ITC) and Instructor Evaluation (IE) held in Diani Beach, Kenya in August 2017.


Nicolas, Kim and Lekha are now qualified SSI Open Water Instructors with the additional ratings of Perfect Buoyancy Instructor, Enriched Air Nitrox Instructor, Diver Stress and Rescue Instructor, Scuba Rangers Instructor and Dive Guide Instructor included. They will also be taking SSI Instructor Training Seminars at Ocean Tribe to gain further teaching credentials to maximise their employability and we are delighted to say all are doing the Disabled Divers International (DDI) Instructor Training course to be able to offer diving to people with disabilities.


The SSI Instructor Training course in Kenya was run by SSI Instructor Trainer and Ocean Tribe Owner Mark Slingo. The course was divided into the SSI Assistant Instructor Course and the SSI Open Water Instructor course over the course of 10 days. Mark remarked on the transformation of the candidates over the course of the dive instructor course in Kenya and how delighted he was when they successfully completed the IE with the SSI Instructor Certifiers.


The Instructor Evaluation was conducted over two days by SSI Instructor Certifiers Bryan Coetzee and Tinus Oppermann. Thank you guys for coming all the way from South Africa to conduct the evaluation and hope you enjoyed the Kenyan diving and lifestyle after the IE. We look forward to welcoming you to Kenya again soon.


The next SSI dive Instructor Training course to be held at Ocean Tribe will be 23 November with the IE to be held on 5-7 December. If you have any enquiries about joining the course then please contact us on info@oceantribe.co. Well done to the new instructors and we look forward to diving with you soon.

SSI Instructor Training Course Completed in Kenya

Carol Cert Card from SSI Instructor Training Course

SSI Instructor Training Course completed- New SSI Instructor at Ocean Tribe. We are delighted to announce that following a successful SSI Instructor Training Course with SSI Instructor Trainer Mark Slingo, Carol Fagone from Italy passed her SSI Instructor Evaluation with flying colours to become an SSI Open Water Instructor.

SSI Instructor Certifier Bryan Coetzee flew in from the regional office in South Africa to conduct the two day evaluation, which consisted of a written exam, academic presentations, pool presentations, open water presentations and demonstrating knowledge of the SSI dive system. Ocean Tribe were delighted to be the hosts of the Instructor Evaluation at our dive centre in Diani Beach.

Congratulations Carol, you were amazing and are going to be a great instructor. We all enjoyed working with you on the SSI Instructor Training Course and you proved that being well prepared stands you in good stead to do well on your Instructor Training program.

Carol has already started adding to what she can teach, taking Instructor continuing education Specialty Instructor Courses and the Disabled Divers International Instructor Course. And just two days after the completion of the Instructor Evaluation she taught her first SSI Open Water Diver students Valentine from Kenya and Jia from Singapore. Its just the start of a successful career in scuba diving.

Upon graduation as an SSI Open Water Instructor, Carol is qualified to teach-

As she’s already teaching and doing Specialty Instructor Training she is already well on the way to becoming an SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor. We wish Carol all the best in her future dive career.


Are you interested in taking the SSI Instructor Training Course to become a scuba diving instructor in Kenya. We have scheduled SSI ITCs in May, August and November of this year and can conduct the SSI Assistant Instructor (SSI Dive Control Specialist) course on demand. Contact us for more details.


Tribe on Tour- New Disabled Divers International Instructor Course Dates

padi adaptive support diver specialty diver course

Disabled Divers International Instructor course is a particular specialty offered by Ocean Tribe. Our owner and head Instructor Mark Slingo is a DDI Instructor Examiner and Director of Training for the international diver training agency. DDI specialises in offering scuba training to a wide range of disabled people who perhaps cannot meet the performance requirements for a standard scuba diving course. They also train Instructors and Divemasters across the globe to work with divers with disabilities.


While Ocean Tribe offer the DDI Disabled Divers International Instructor Course on demand at our dive base in Diani, Kenya, Mark also travels around the world offering the program at other interested dive centres in an effort to grow the DDI instructor network and increase the number of dive centres able and willing to work with divers with disabilities. This also enables instructors in far flung corners of the globe to be able to complete the training with Mark at a dive centre local to them.


Mark’s own story as diving helped him to recover from a life changing injury is the basis behind his efforts to try to get as many dive centres across the globe working with disabled divers to help them experience the same wonders he gets to enjoy. In his career Mark has helped other disabled people start their dive careers, most notably when he was the safety consultant on the Canadian TV show Invincibles-Beneath the Surface, where quad amputee Daniel Ennett was trained to scuba dive with sharks.


The dates for the upcoming Disabled Divers International Instructor Courses being held in international locations by Mark are:

1-2 April  2017- Singapore, Singapore (Resort World Sentosa)

15-16 April 2017- Kuwait City, Kuwait (Dive 36 Dive Centre)

24-25 May 2017- Bloomington (Indianapolis), Indiana, USA (University of Indiana)

29-30 May 2017- Ipswich, Suffolk, UK (Diveline)

10-11 June 2017-  Key West, Florida, USA (Lost Reef Adventures Dive Center)


Mark will also be in attendance on DDI stands at the Malaysia Dive Expo in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12-14 May 2017) and DEMA, Orlando, Florida USA (1-4 November 2017) for those who wish to talk about disabled diving, getting involved and opportunities for disabled divers.


If you are interested in attending one of Mark’s international DDI Pro Trainings then please contact us for more information. We are also able to arrange DDI Instructor Training courses at your location if needs be. Let’s work together at getting more people in the water.

10 Reasons to Learn to Scuba Dive

go scuba diving in Kenya

Why should I learn to scuba dive you ask. This is a question we get asked a lot by many people here at Ocean Tribe and we’ve come up with a list of reasons why you should learn to scuba dive and gain a lifelong hobby or just maybe something to tick off on your bucket list.


experience wonders1. See things that 90% of people will never see

This is a big one. When you learn to scuba dive and become a diver then you join an elite club. Only 10% of people on this planet will ever experience the wonders that you do. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, so it stands to reason that a large proportion of the life on earth can also be found underwater. We know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the oceans. It’s time for you to embrace adventure.



tropical paradise2. Give yourself increased travel options

Wherever there is water you can scuba dive. So no matter where you are on Earth, there are always scuba diving options available for you. Tropical paradises, sunken shipwrecks, lost civilisations, and the accompanying marine life make for interesting travel options. Suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad when you have to go somewhere if there is a diving possibility.



diving astronaut

3. Experience weightlessness like being an astronaut

Scuba diving is actually used by NASA to train astronauts for being weightless in space. That is totally true. So every time you go scuba diving, you can experience that weightless feeling of being able to go up and down as you please with neutral buoyancy. Cool eh?




coral reef4. See a range of wildlife unparalleled on land

You can see more life in a couple of minutes on a coral reef than you would in a couple of hours in a forest or game park. There are thousands of different species of fish, coral, reptile, plants and more for you to discover and admire. And there are species still being discovered. Every underwater eco system has something to see so its time to don your equipment and get underwater to see them. It is a nature lover’s paradise.



dive with whale sharks5. Meet giants

We are all familiar with some of the biggest land animals such as rhinos and the mighty elephant. But compared so some of the creatures that live in the ocean these are very small. Huge fish and mammals that you can possibly encounter include Manta Rays, the biggest fish in the ocean the Whale Shark, and of course the ultimate giants the whales. Swimming with some of these and observing them underwater is an awesome experience.



shipwreck6. Explore history

There is much history under the ocean, with the most obvious being the thousands of shipwrecks around the world to dive and discover. Every wreck on the ocean floor has a history that can be researched and adds to the excitement of a dive. In some parts of the world you can even find submerged villages and cities of lost civilisations claimed by the water. What an amazing experience being able to dive them and uncover history.



scuba diving internships in Kenya7. One-up your friends on social media

In this selfie driven world where we are always looking to see what our friends have been upto on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks, wouldn’t it be cool for you to be able to post photos and videos of yourself diving. Your friends will see what an adventurer you are and it will definitely be a one up on those who post photos of their food and gym efforts.



zen diving8. Experience a new level of calmness and zen

Under the water no one can talk to you. The phone doesn’t ring and you aren’t sitting on social media the whole time. It is a great environment to go to and chill. Watching and interacting with marine life adds to the zen experience. As you get more experienced you will also breathe more slowly to conserve air, which aids you in calming yourself. Properly chilled.



special offer learn to dive Kenya9. Learn a whole new subject

Part of the learn to dive experience is not just learning about how to operate scuba equipment, but the history of diving, and of course about the underwater world. By appreciating the underwater world we are more inclined to protect the marine environments and species. You will actually learn where things come from and why these environments are important to the earth, even for people who never see under the water. Its a really cool subject to learn.



underwater photography10. Increased photo and video opportunities

If you like taking photos on land then you will be spoiled for choice underwater. The array of life and colours is mind blowing as well as the different styles of photography available such as macro to capture the really small stuff and then being able to do scale photos of divers with giants. There are specialty courses available to introduce you to underwater photography and this is an area where you can always find more and capture more.



The list goes on and on with reasons you should learn to scuba dive such as an activity the whole family can take part in together. In fact it is much easier to think of reasons to dive rather than reasons not to. The Try Scuba Diving experience can introduce you the world of scuba diving and the Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver courses help you to earn your first diving certifications. After that there are so many different options for you in diving and ways in which you can pursue your interests underwater that you might have found a hobby for life or even a potential vocation. Learn to scuba dive today!

Dive Gear Review- Aqualung Axiom i3 BC

Aqualung Axiom I3 BCD

Aqualung Axiom I3 BCDThe Aqualung Axiom i3 is the top recreational BC in the Aqualung range. It utilises the patented Aqualung i3 inflation system and is available in the Soul i3 model for ladies. Recently I have decided that I really should upgrade my BCD from my old Scubapro Glide Pro which has served me well but I wanted to wear the same equipment stocked in the Ocean Tribe shop. As an Aqualung dealer Ocean Tribe offers the whole range of Aqualung BCs so I decided on the Axiom i3. Tell the truth I am super glad I did.


With over 4000 dives under my belt and hundreds of students certified, I did not anticipate I would like a piece of equipment so quickly. The Wrapture harness system enables me to be much more comfortable in the water (I know I couldn’t believe it either) and adjust my body position better. The first thing that I really enjoyed about the gear when putting it on was the absence of a cummerbund. This means one less strap to worry about the the new strap in the wrapture harness works well and I don’t miss the cummerbund at all. The chest strap can be adjusted to different heights on the BC which is great to avid the BC choking you if its too high or covering dry suit valves


Aqualung Axiom I3 BCDNow the i3 had me very conflicted about whether to go with the Aqualung Axiom i3 or just simply buy the Aqualung Axiom BCD which has a standard shoulder inflator. As an instructor obviously I need to be able to demonstrate to my students in gear that is similar to theirs. The i3 system is not standard on most dive equipment so it’s not the best for demonstrating. However after trying out the i3 system simply for me as a diver I found I loved it. No extra dangling hose off the
gear, with one less thing to get caught. I can adjust my buoyancy from any position using the deflator on the i3, I don’t have to be upright to allow the BCD valves to vent. If I want to dump air quickly I use the same deflator lever pushed right the way down rather than trying to blindly find the shoulder dump valve. And no more feeling around trying to find the inflator hose. It is always in the same place. The oral inflation hose is easy to reach folded up where the inflator hose would normally be and is easier to inflate than the oral inflator on a standard inflator hose. A bit of a pain to fold up again but just touch your mouth to it and the airway opens. All-in-all I like it.


The way I combat the instruction problem of using the Aqualung Axiom i3 is to simply remove the oral inflator hose and attach a standard inflator hose when I am teaching the entry level Try Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver courses. A standard Aqualung inflator functions well on the BCD and I can use the same inflator hose no problem, so I don’t have to have specific regs for it. Yes there are a couple of differences to our rental Aqualung Wave BCs, such as the lack of cummerbund but all in all I’ve been teaching in it fine. But yes I do take off the inflator hose when I’m fun diving as I enjoy using the i3 and the extra streamlining on the gear.


Aqualung Axiom I3 BCD FeaturesI actually find its a good BCD to wear when teaching the Diver Stress & Rescue course as it gets the students thinking that there are non-standard inflation points on a BCD that as Rescue Divers they should be looking for in an emergency. As long as the inflation system is shown during the buddy check, then my buddy should also be aware of the different position of the inflator.


The Griplock tank bank is also easy to apply and holds in place well. Takes a bit of getting used to and have got my fingers snapped in it once but happy with that too. The integrated weight system is easy to remove and replace and it also has two non-ditchable weight pockets on the tank band.


However there is that old saying in life that nothing is perfect and the Aqualung Axiom i3 is not different. Despite having 5 D-rings and the scooped out pockets in the front lobes for the octopus and gauges, the zipper pockets on the BC are tiny. I can just about fit my gloves in one and a rolled up SMB in the other. There is one foldable larger pocket on the right-hand side but on the left the space is taken up by the i3 inflator mechanism. The lack of a backplate with grip handle too makes it harder to hand up out of the water when we are taking the gear off before exiting.


But honestly I am far from disappointed with my Aqualung Axiom i3 BC, and would go so far to say that it is the best BC I have ever used. The annoyance of having to change the inflator when teaching entry level student’s is compensated for by the comfort of the jacket. If the inflator hose is going to be that big a deal for you then I would invest in the Aqualung Axiom BC which has the standard hose and most of the same features. But when I’m diving for myself or with more advanced divers I love the i3 inflator. I understand all the arguments about it being non-standard and by complicating it something extra that can go wrong. But in reality if it fails then I can still attach a standard inflator as a short term solution before I repair it. If you are looking to invest in a new BC then I would recommend you try the Aqualung Axiom i3 out (or the Aqualung Soul i3 for ladies).


Ocean Tribe stocks the Aqualung Axiom i3 and the other buoyancy compensators in the Aqualung range.


Special Offer- Learn to Dive in Kenya Group Discount

special offer learn to dive Kenya

special offer learn to dive KenyaSpecial offer: Learn to Dive in Kenya. Happy New Year from all at Ocean Tribe in Diani Beach Kenya. To celebrate the new year we are offering a special offer for learning to dive courses up until the end of February. For groups of 5 or more people we are offering the SSI Open Water Diver course for just $350/ person.

This offer includes.

  • SSI Open Water Diver Course (The most popular entry level scuba diving course)
  • Digital Interactive Open Water Diver materials, accessible online or via the Dive SSI app. You will always have the most up-to-date manual. See more about SSI digital learning here.
  • Full Equipment Rental – All of our rental equipment is new lines equipment from Aqualung.
  • 4 ocean dives as part of the course on the fabulous reefs off Diani Beach. At this time of year it is possible to see all the marine life plus turtles, rays and even a whale shark if you are lucky.
  • All fees to SSI paid and SSI Open Water Diver certification valid anywhere in the world.


special offer learn to dive KenyaThis is a great opportunity for families or groups of friends to learn to dive together. Diving is a wonderful way to bond with people and share fabulous experiences together. The dive tribe is even better when you learn amongst friends and can then have an extra activity you can all take part in on future trips to the coast. Kenya has some of the most wonderful coral reefs and marine life in the world. Take advantage people as its one of diving’s best kept secrets.


For those of you who are worried that they don’t have the time to devote to this, don’t be. The SSI digital learning system means that you can do all of the classroom and knowledge learning on your own time via the Dive SSI app on iOS and Android tablets and phones or online in your member portal on DiveSSI.com. The actual diving part of the course consists of a half day in the pool learning your dive skills and then two mornings out on the reef doing the four Open Water dives. For those who are really pushed for time we can arrange to do the pool training for you in Nairobi, so your required time at the coast is down to just the weekend.


There is something in diving for most people such as great underwater photo opportunities for those interested in photography. SSI diver specialty courses which you can take to pursue your specific interests in diving include- Photo and Video, Perfect Buoyancy, Deep, Wreck, Night, Full Face Mask, Navigation, Sea Turtle Ecology, Shark Ecology, Coral Identification, Search and Recovery and more.


If you are looking to book accommodation in Diani for the duration of your course then Ocean Tribe can help arrange this to suit any budget. Come on and take advantage of this special offer! Get a group of your friends or family together and sign up for the Open Water Diver course today. You will see more wildlife in 5 minutes on the coral reefs than you will in 5 hours in the Mara. Come and experience wonders.

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