Tribe Treasure - Free diving reward program

Ever wanted to get free diving stuff for all the money you spend on scuba diving? Ocean Tribe is delighted to announce our member loyalty program Tribe Treasure. All Ocean Tribe customers who make bookings and purchases will earn reward credit which can be redeemed for free dive trips, dive course discounts, and apparel from our dive shop.

Regular Ocean Tribe customers can even rise up the tiers for further rewards and benefits. This is separate from the Ocean Tribe Dive Club for East African residents and every Ocean Tribe customer is automatically joined as a Bronze member earning as you buy and taking steps toward free dive trips.

The credit is called Tribe Doubloons and these are automatically added to the credit of the person making the purchase. If you wish every person in your booking to received their credit then you should separate out the bookings.

Tribe Treasure Tier Levels


0 Doubloons Earned


15,000 Doubloons Earned


25,000 Doubloons Earned


50,000 Doubloons Earned

Earning Doubloons

Doubloons earned per $ Spent
Book a dive trip20253035
Buy a Product10203040
Leave a review1000100010001000
Take a PADI Course10152025
Refer a friend2000200020002000

Tribe Rewards Terms and Conditions

  • While no purchase is necessary to join the Tribe Rewards program, purchases are required to earn Doubloons.
  • Memberships that have no activity for 18 months or more (either by doubloons points or using doubloons) will be terminated and accrued doubloons will be forfeited. You can always sign up again, but your points will start over from zero.
  • You must have and maintain a valid email address in your Tribe Rewards Account for your program to remain active.
  • We reserve the right to revoke any doubloons or gift certificates issued from points, at any time, without notice, for any reason.
  • To earn doubloons in-store, members must present their membership number at the time of purchase.
  • Tribe Rewards doubloons have no cash value.
  • Doubloons will not be awarded for purchases made before enrollment.
  • Doubloons are not awarded for shipping or tax charges.
  • Doubloons are awarded after any discounts used on gear/services purchased with coupons or other means.

Program Termination

Enrollment in the Tribe Rewards Program is for 1 year from the date of enrollment. If the program is terminated, the remaining point balances will be forfeited at the time of termination.

The program sponsor, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to change the program rules, terms and conditions, and limitations, or to cancel the program entirely at any time without prior notification.


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