Ocean Tribe Mask Strap

As divers, we understand that owning your own equipment is very important and the first investment is normally in a good quality mask and snorkel. As such we have tried to up the range of masks, snorkels, and other dive equipment available in Kenya on our new online store.

Divers can now get their own top-quality masks from brands such as Scubapro, Fourth Element, Beaver, Aqualung, and even our own Ocean Tribe range of masks and snorkels.

The importance of having your own scuba mask cannot be overstated. After all the main reason we go underwater is to look at things. So therefore a mask that is comfortable to wear, and gives you a decent field of vision as well as looking good of course, is the first item of equipment a diver should be looking to purchase.


When you find a mask that fits you, and you like it. Buy two in case of loss or breakage. You don’t want to have to cancel dives or not enjoy it due to wearing an inferior mask.

While we understand that sometimes you might not want a snorkel on, snorkels are required on all PADI diver training courses and as a prepared diver, you should always carry one. We have a selection of snorkels available to accompany a new mask purchase these range from snorkels with purge valves on them for easy clearing, to bendable light snorkels for freediving, and even foldable snorkels that can be stored away for later use attached to your BCD or in the pocket.

For comfort, we also now stock very eye-catching mask strap covers. Showing silhouettes of marine life you are likely to encounter during your scuba diving in Diani, these strap covers are made from neoprene and fit almost any mask strap. A decent mask strap cover ensures your hair doesn’t get caught by the silicone mask straps and eases mask removal and replacing. It also makes your mask look even cooler. Check them out now!

Other items available in our online store and of course our physical dive shops include more dive equipment, t-shirts, water bottles, rash guards, swimwear and even dive log books. Contact us today to find out more about dive gear in Kenya.

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