MV Fish Eagle Kenya

New Wreck Dive in Kenya

MV Fish Eagle KenyaBuccaneer Diving’s resident marine biologist Sander Den Haring has posted via the Project AWARE websitethat there is to be a new artificial reef in Mombasa Marine Park as the MV Fish Eagle a multi-purpose vessel has come to the end of its topside life and rather than being sold for scrap, is being utilised further and sunk to form a hopefully great artificial reef and wreck diving site.

The MPV Fish Eagle has been working along the coast of East Africa for over 45 years. The 53m long vessel will first be cleaned out to make it safer for wreck divers and environmentally friendly and will then be sunk. The exact position of sinking has yet to be determined but the date for sinking has been provisionally set for the weekend of 26-27 October 2013. Once more details are available from Sander I will post them up on here but this is tremendously exciting news for Kenyan diving and we look forward to adding another great dive site to the already existing ones in East Africa. Find out more about Kenya wreck diving in this article about the MV Dania and a cool video of her sinking in 2003.