scuba diving internships in Kenya

Do you ever get bored of the working in an office on a 9-5 job? Is it time for a career change? Do you want a chance to work in a tropical paradise? Do you want your customers to tell you you have the best job in the world? Well if the answer to all of these questions is yes then a scuba diving internship in Kenya is for you.

Our carefully structured dive career internships give you the skills and experience to come out a well rounded dive professional, with a qualification that you can use anywhere in the world that there is water to dive in. Obviously this gives you images of trivial destinations but you can also use them in colder water as well. It is a license to work wherever you want.

Ocean Tribe offer scuba diving professional internships to the levels of SSI Divemaster and SSI Open Water Instructor. For those of you who want to become even more qualified as a SSI Instructor the. We offer the instructor continuing education internships to the level of SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor, Divemaster Instructor and SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor.

You can start these internships from any level. There is a package for you, even if you have never dived before.

The internships also include other skills that you might require as a dive instructor such as basic web design to promote yourself, and job seeking assistance to help you look for work when you have completed your internship. They include a range of special diver courses so you learn different types of diving and find out which types of diving truly interest you such as wreck diving, underwater photography or search and recovery diving.

Africa is a fantastic place to do your diver training and begin your diving career. There is so much to do, both near our dive bases in Diani Beach and further inland, from African wildlife safaris, adventure sports, climbing the mountains of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya, and much more.

Embrace the chance to work in paradise. Check out our different scuba internship packages today.


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