Advanced Dive Courses

Now your have learned to dive, it is time to become a more advanced diver in Kenya. SSI have so many options when it comes to becoming a more advanced diver. And here's the thing. It takes more experience to earn the SSI Advanced Open Water Diver certification. The SSI Advanced Adventurer certification qualifies you to the same level as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver but SSI believe that to be a truly Advanced diver you need more experience. So to earn the SSI Advanced Open Water Diver certification you need to complete 4 specialties and 24 dives. On the way to earning this certification you can earn the SS Specialty Diver rating by completing 2 specialties and 12 dives. And if you want to become really experienced then you can aim for the SSI Master Diver Rating by completing 4 specialities, SSI Diver Stress and Rescue and 50 dives. It's something to aim for and SSI rewards you all along the way as you complete dives and courses you earn further ratings.

Being honest here at Ocean Tribe we offer more than enough SSI Specialties to keep your diving interests peaked. Most specialty courses don't take longer than 1-2 days and are fun, content-packed programs that make you a more knowledgeable and experienced diver. For a full list of the Specialty courses offered by Ocean Tribe click the Specialty Diver card above.
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