Why not consider taking your PADI Divemaster Course in Kenya? The PADI Divemaster course is the first professional level in the PADI Diver System. When it comes to scuba diving coral reefs, Kenya is up there with the best of them.

The PADI Divemaster course consists of a mix of dive theory, workshops, stamina tests, practical skills assessments and practical experience.

Ocean Tribe’s dive base in Diani Beach is located on one of the world’s top 10 rated beaches and consistently rated the best in Africa. The palm tree-lined white powder sands run down to azure waters where the fringing coral reefs can be found only 100m off shore.

First up you will sit an Orientation with your allotted PADI Instructor who will be responsible for supervising your entire course and overseeing your PADI Divemaster course schedule from Day one. They will be your ‘mentor’ and explain the process to you.

You will spend some of the course ‘assisting student divers in training’ and although you will have the opportunity to assist a variety of our Instructors, when possible you will assist your mentor.

We will schedule your training in sequence, building up your diving skills, confidence and experience step by step whilst you enjoy Diani Beach’s fantastic scuba diving and marine life. These include a wreck, spectacular coral reefs and more.

As you progress through the PADI Divemaster course you will become more responsible for dive shop activities in the Divemaster role.

  • Boat & dive centre logistics
  • Assisting our certified PADI Divemasters with certified divers
  • Delivering briefings to divers
  • Assisting our Instructors with student diver training
  • Guiding certified divers on underwater tours
  • You can dive as much as you want so expect to log many dives, working together with people from all over the world.

The knowledge development section of the PADI Divemaster course consists of the PADI Divemaster manual where you will read the chapters and answer the knoweldge reviews. Your PADI Instructor will go through these with you and fill in any gaps in knowledge. You will also study the PADI Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving for the remainder of your dive theory before completing a final exam. During your studies, your PADI Instructor will be happy to explain anything you are finding hard to understand and make sure you know it.

Study Topics Include

  • Physics
  • Physiology
  • Decompression Theory
  • Equipment
  • Divemaster Conducted Programs
  • Supervising Certified Divers
  • Assisting with Student Divers in Training
  • Dive Skills & The Environment


For those of you who prefer to do everything digitally and save some time on the Divemaster course then it is possible to do the PADI Divemaster course with Dive Theory Online PADI eLearning.

A major part of the PADI Divemaster course is developing exemplary dive skills. These include the dive skills from the core PADI Open Water Diver course, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and the PADI Rescue Diver course. There are also other dive skills required to be a PADI Divemaster including search and recovery diving and deep diving. You will be able to practice your dive skills under instructor supervision, to get them towards demonstration quality before undergoing a full evaluation of the 24 basic dive skills.

It is not just to skills from the PADI courses where your abilities will grow. You will also:

  • Dramatically improve your own diving skills and air consumption.
    • Better buoyancy
    • Better movement in water
    • Better navigation. You will be the leader rather than always following a guide
    • Better air consumption
    • Learn to read currents and understand tide tables and tides
  • Experience a range of diving conditions

One of the major roles of a PADI Divemaster is to act as an assistant to a PADI Instructor during PADI diver training. This can consist of many roles including control, demonstration assistance, course logistic preparation, dive guiding, equipment troubleshooting and more. During the PADI Divemaster course you will be frequently working assisting Ocean Tribe PADI Instructors during real PADI dive courses (if there is not a required course happening at that time then simulations will substitute).

As a PADI Divemaster trainee you become a working part of the dive centre crew. On your PADI Divemaster course you will work as a PADI Divemaster in all the roles that a Divemaster might fulfill. These can include but are not limited to:

  • Dive and boat briefings
  • Accounting for Divers
  • Customer welcome in the morning
  • Assisting with equipment setup
  • Managing dive boat roster
  • Leading divers underwater
  • Assisting with dive centre logistics
  • Assisting with student divers in training
  • Equipment maintenance

We will actually give you genuine dive centre work experience as part of your PADI Divemaster course so that you are well equipped when you go out to work following graduation as a PADI Divemaster. You will also be required to prepare an Emergency Action Plan for a dive site and also do a mapping project of a dive site.

During your PADI Divemaster course you will also be required to give demonstrations to your PADI Instructor that you are able to runn the PADI Divemaster conducted programs. These are PADI programs that PADI Divemasters are able to run and teach independently of a PADI Instructor. These include:

  • Discover Local Diving
  • PADI Discover Snorkeling
  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving (Confined Water)
  • PADI Skin Diver

Watermanship evaluations are required as part of the PADI Divemaster course, to ensure you are able to maintain yourself well in the aquatic environment. The swim evaluations are timed and consist of:

  • 400m swim
  • 800m Mask, Fins and Snorkel Swim
  • 100m Tired Diver Tow
  • 15 minute tread/float

In addition to those swims there is also a team building exercise where you will perform a scuba equipment exchange with another diver underwater, whilst buddy breathing.

PADI Divemaster Course
padi divemaster course
padi divemaster course
padi divermaster course

While we do offer an express package 14 day PADI Divemaster course which will meet the minimum requirements for becoming a PADI Divemaster it is much better to excel rather than take just the bare minimum. We strive for excellence and want to make you the best PADI Divemaster you can be.

  • do lots more great diving (the diving in Kenya really is great)
  • improve your air-consumption, your buoyancy, your general diving skills
  • get more hands-on experience guiding divers in the ocean
  • get more hands-on experience helping students in the pool
  • get more hands-on experience assisting PADI Instructors on dive courses in the ocean
  • meet more friends, have more fun, more excitement and more laughter
  • who doesn’t want to spend more time in Diani?

If you take just the express 14-day PADI Divemaster Course express program you’ll do 10-16 ocean dives. The longer you stay, the more dives you will do. Any additional weeks you stay will be packed full of diving. You should bear in mind when booking how long you will need. 40 logged dives are needed to start the PADI Divemaster course and at least 60 logged dives are needed to be signed off in addition to fulfilling the rest of the performance requirements.

We can book accommodation near our dive centre based on your budget. Prices start from about USD 15 per night / USD 400 per month. There are various accommodations near our dive center. All have own bathroom, some with hot water, some with cold water, some with air-con, some fan-cooled, some with kitchen, some with bedroom only. After you confirmed your Divemaster course our Reservation Crew will work with you to book something suitable before you arrive.

We believe that all dive professionals should be equipped with their own scuba equipment. While we do offer the ability to use rental equipment during your PADI Divemaster course in Kenya, we do insist that you should have your own mask, snorkel, fins and dive computer. We offer a set of these for a discounted rate and you can get special full equipment packages (shown below) when booking. All equipment is brand new good quality from Aqualung, ScubaPro, Beaver, Mares and other top manufacturers.